Saturday, November 1, 2014

Open DoVision Compatibility


Outstanding compatibility. Universal and omnipotent.

A super-wide range of usage possibilities can greatly extend the functionality of one product. That's why Open DoVision use human interface device (HID) protocol. That's also why it supports more video feeds than any other virtual reality headset. Open DoVision uses more universal solutions to enlarge the compatibility and ease your way to develop - and innovate - that matter most.

Universal HID.

With universal HID protocol you can enjoy playing virtual reality games on Windows, Linux, Mac, and more.
Open DoVision also can be a flying mouse - a USB HID that move the cursor according to real-world movement to simulate tracking result on the games that don't support Open DoVision. And after slightly change the structure of the Open DoVision, you can play the games that don't even support virtual reality rendering.

More video feeds than any other VR headset.

Open DoVision can take HDMI, VGA, or AV as a video feed. That means you can use the Open DoVision in virtually everywhere that render out one of these three the most common video feeds. Your laptop, PC, or Xbox.

Do anything, anywhere.

With Open DoVision, you can enjoy all the games in Windows, Linux, Mac, and more other platforms despite whether the game support virtual reality or not.

Gaming is only a small part of what Open DoVision can do. Together with many other features like extensible design, it can be a private cinema, FPV goggle or whatever you want. just change one part, and here you go.