Friday, October 31, 2014

Open DoVision Design


Simple design. Extensible design.

In creating Open DoVision, we scrutinized every element and possibility. That's how we arrived at a low-poly, screwless form. Extensible design made possible by only four sections with their own functions. And intuitively crafted mechanisms. All made with beautiful matted plastic, and glass. It's hundreds of hours of working and testing that add up to something simple.

An innovative screwless design.

The first thing you notice when you hold Open DoVision is how simple it looks. The nine-face hooks of each section lean inward to caught following section tightly. There are no excess decorations. No screws. Just all the necessities that Open DoVision needs. 

3D-print-ready. Inside and out.

Designing a powerful, extensible virtual reality headset with full 3D-pint capacity was no small task. It required carrying the idea of "3D-pint" through out the whole design process. It called for non-overhang structure when you want to have something at that height. And it meant simplify the connections and mechanisms, all while giving them more strength. All of which yield a firm 3D-pint-ready design.

The elements of simple design.

To create a open-source virtual reality headset that's powerful, yet simple to use and develop, each detail was meticulously designed, crafted, and tested until Open DoVision had an elegantly simple form. 

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