Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Open DoVision

Open DoVision

Virtual reality at your disposal.
The Open DoVision isn't simply a virtual reality device - it's a full set of tools made for everyone to explore the VR technology. Powerful, yet designed out of simplicity. Versatile, but incredibly easy to modify. With a high-resolution display that harmoniously accompany with low-latency sensor board. It's a remarkable starting point where functionality and openness seamlessly meet, creating the most open, yet accessible virtual reality headset in the world.

Simple design. Extensible design.

Developing a virtual reality headset with endless capacities, easy of access meant simple and extensible design. From the screwless connections between parts to the elegant low-poly surface, every detail ware carefully considered to extend the functionality. So while it looks elegantly simple, Open DoVision offers you with limitless possibilities.

Hugely powerful. Enormously versatile.

Built on 32-bit ARM architecture, the D1 sensor board delivers large storage for your codes and memory at run-time. It efficiently gathers data from gyroscope, accelerator, and magnetometer. And with a on-board debugger, Open DoVision lets you test programs on the board.

Outstanding compatibility. Universal and omnipotent.

Using standard HID protocol to communicate with the computer, Open DoVision is driver-free. And it support more video feeds than any other headset so you can have fun in a lot more scenarios.

Not just a remarkable headset. An open-source headset.

It's one thing to make a functioning headset. It's something else entirely to make a open-source virtual reality headset with enormous extensibility and high compatibility at incredible low price. But that's exactly what we did with the Open DoVision.

A virtual reality headset. A private cinema.

More people enjoy watching films more in cinema than in other place. And now the Open DoVision can really be a private cinema, FPV goggle or whatever you want to call it. just change one part, and here you go. Of course you can play the game that don't even has virtual reality functionality.

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