Thursday, October 9, 2014

Open DoVision User Manual - Chapter 1 Introduction

1 Introduction

1.1 General Description

The Open DoVision is a cross-platform open-source virtual reality project that designed to be easy to learn, use, and develope.
As a project, the hardware include cheap electronics and 3D-print-ready plastic cases.
The software include many embedded C projects for the sensor board of the Open DoVision, the demo PC applications, and various SDKs.
The Open DoVision project is in following website:
  • Thingiverse 3D-print-ready plastic cases A
  • Githab Source code development A
  • Sourceforge All data available N/A
  • Youtube Video explanation N/A
  • Blogger Manual and Update A
  • Kickstarter Funding for electronics A
The Open DoVision is and will still be a open-source project that carried on by DotLab.
All the files written by DotLab are published under GUN GPL V3.0 License.
All the files not written by DotLab have their own licenses, please read them before using them, please.

1.2 Hardware

1.2.1 Display

The display of the Open DoVision include a LCD/LED display and a LCD/LED controller board.
The original display include a HJ070IA-02D LCD display with 60Hz refreshing rate and 1280x800 resolution and a VST29 controller board.
This arrangement balances the cost and the performance of the Open DoVision.
Feel free to change the display.

1.2.2 Sensor Board

The sensor board enable you to easily debug the embedded programs on it and do other interesting things.
The sensor board of the Open DoVision is designed by and produced by the DotLab, using following key components:
  • STM32F103C8T6 ARM-based 32-bit MCU
  • STM32F303CVT6 ARM-based Cortex-M4 32b MCU+FPU
  • LSM303DLHCTR Ultra compact high performance e-compass 3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer module
  • L3GD20TR MEMS motion sensor three-axis digital output gyroscope
Since the STM32F3DISCOVERY has the same parts, we make the sensor board compatible with the STM32F3DISCOVERY SDK written by ST.
DotLab uses the ST's SDK under the license that ST offered.

1.2.3 Plastic Case

The cases of the Open DoVision has their own name:

1.3 Software

1.3.1 Embedded C

The embedded C projects of the Open DoVision uses the SDK for STM32F3DISCOVARY written by ST implement the sensor board to perform various tasks.
The folder sen stands for sensor board, contains all the files of the embedded C projects.
Every embedded C projects have following archive:
  • lib SDK for STM32F3DISCOVARY written by ST
  • inc Headers and variable manipulation
  • src Source files
Each file has its own description for its functionality.

1.3.2 Application

The PC applications show you how to implement the sensor board in the PC side after one specific embedded C project is chosen.
The folder app stands for spplication, contains all the files of the PC application.

1.3.3 SDK

The SDK is optional. For most of the embedded C project there is no need for farther implementation in the computer.
The sdk contains all the files of the SDK files.

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